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article number 142
article date 06-26-2012
copyright 2012 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Dairy Barn Tour. Wisconsin Route 73. Also Nice Towns of Cambridge, Deerfield and Marshall.
by Stu Moment

I used to take US 26 from Janesville, Wisconsin to Oshkosh. That route takes you through Fort Atkinson and Watertown which is just fine … but sometimes we need a change of scenery.

Two exits up from the US 26 exit I found Wisconsin Route 73. I was in heaven. It’s a dairy barn tour with a couple of charming small towns. There is not much traffic. As a through route it has a few turns and the road is not the smoothest … not a truck route. Interestingly one truck driver friend knows the route. She used to run milk from Central Illinois dairies to a processing plant up there. Don’t tell anyone that Wisconsin Cheese has some Illinois milk. Maybe the cows are lazy up there. They probably love the scenery.

The following run is just 35 miles long. Hope you can make the time to take this tour.

The sign says South, but turn right at the exit and you’ll go North on Wisconsin 73.
You’ll see a variety of farms. Some apparently run down …
… some with a mix of antique and modern.
Love this brick barn. Smart little piggy.
Just notice that I cropped out the left side of the last (brick barn) picture. It’s not a smart little piggy. Reminds me of my Uncle Chester. Many considered him to be an old goat.
Silos hold feed for your cows. Old style brick silo sits near the modern blue Harvestore brand silo.
Cows come in all different shades.
Not a perfect road but perfect scenery.
Let’s depart from Route 73 for lunch in Cambridge. It’s just a couple of miles to the east on US 18.
On the way into Cambridge you’ll see NASCAR driver, Matt Kenseth’s “museum”. It’s free to go in and has some neat cars.
Looks like they were expecting us.
View of one side of the street from where we ate lunch.
Other side of the street.
Neat old building. Note the tower.
It’s the Cambridge Historic School Museum. Call ahead for museum hours.
We are still in Cambridge, not Deerfield. An old car dealership?
After departing Cambridge you get back on Route 73 and immediately you are in Deerfield Wisconsin.
I love old houses … and there are plenty in Deerfield. If you have time, get out of your car and walk the neighborhood. I hear it’s good for us to take a walk after lunch.
One side of downtown Deerfield …
… and the other side of the street. Takes you back in time.
Simply a nice looking town. Makes you want to get married and raise a family.
Pictures don’t do the Route 73 countryside justice. It is hilly dairy country.
Entering Marshall Wisconsin. There’s a dairy barn as you enter town.
Sign on the old building says “Blashea Mill”. Don’t know what it is. You find out and tell me.
A river runs through town. A silo in town? … yep, dairy country.
Glad you are not in a rush … some 35 MPH turns on Route 73.
Well kept old style silo.
Now here’s a different kind of scenery. Someday I’ll stop in there.

We are just about to end our 35 miles of scenic Route 73 at Columbus Wisconsin.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

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