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article number 102
article date 02-09-2012
copyright 2012 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Make Tracks to Danville Illinois’ Gross’ Burgers … a Diner with a Unique Atmosphere
by Stu Moment

SaltOfAmerica columnist Jackie Wells Jamison insisted that I try Gross’ Burgers, just south of Danville Illinois on historic Illinois Route 1. Of course, before going, I had to find comments on-line. People talked about the way they make their burgers, about memories of the place and about taking detours on trips to rediscover the restaurant.

Gross’ Burgers has been in business since 1982, a pretty good life span compared to the modern restaurant scene. They have a big following. Type ‘Gross’ Burgers Danville Illinois’ in your search engine and you will find dozens of rave comments right in the search results. The Facebook Gross Burger Fan Club page is very popular and will give you the flavor of the place.

We arrived at Gross’ burgers well after lunch hour and there was still a steady stream of people.


Just how good are they. Well … they hand grind their own burger, serve it thin like Steak’n Shake. Their French fries are better than McDonalds’ (about the same size but never greasy or over salted). You won’t be disappointed with the food but there is more to the place than the food.

The Kitchen.

Their menu is simple. The only variation on burgers is a fish sandwich. They have 5 flavors of shakes that should please anyone. I saw a couple of kids with red colored shakes. They had happy faces. What an easy way for Dad to please the kids.


OK … of course I had the Triple Burger Special and it was good. I snarfed down a big load of fries. I enjoyed this cheap meal but there was much more to that enjoyment than the meal itself. The atmosphere and the friendly crowd completed the experience.

Triple Burger & Fries.

The diner … (OK … it’s not a diner. You order at the counter … but it has a diner décor.) … Where were we before you interrupted me? Oh … the ‘diner’ is decorated in a military theme … plus it is protected by GI Joe himself.


The manager, Sherry, said she’s worked there for 20 years. Their service shows. It’s a smooth quality operation. Gross’ Burgers is also a very clean place. How can a food place last 30 years? Good management.

Steady, good management makes for friendly customers. That friendly crowd was mostly composed of blue collar people. Danville had a long history as a blue collar town.


You don’t have to take the family out for exquisite dining to have a good time. If you’re not blue collar, just put on jeans and a baseball cap and you will enjoy the experience of Gross’ Burgers.

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