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article number 59
article date 09-30-2011
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Alvin Decker: A Farmer Turns His Love of Life, Nature and Scenery Into Paintings
by Stu Moment

No farmer can deny their love of their surroundings. Alvin Decker put that love on canvas and saws … yes saws.

Wintertime for farmers involves preparing your equipment for a new season. By the Mid 1980’s Mr. Decker’s farming sons took over more of the load and when approaching the young age of 60, Alvin was able to turn the vision of his world into art for all of us to enjoy.

When talking with Mr. Decker you will quickly detect his joy of life, nature and his surroundings. When you enter his rural Philo Illinois farm house you will see that enjoyment in his art. Born in 1926, Alvin has seen a lot of life. He remembers the depression, he helped his dad farm, as a young man he had a normal variety of jobs and finally started farming himself when he teamed up with his uncle.

In the mid 1980’s Alvin took a series of art courses at local educational institutions. His instructors’ encouragement turned into years of prolific painting. Not content with just one form of expression, Alvin has also written 5 books … simple, easy reading … and expressive in terms which most of us can enjoy.

Alvin Decker’s book covers are adorned with his art.

I first saw his work at a neighbor’s house. The neighbor had a saw painted by Alvin. After meeting Alvin I saw that most of his work is traditional paintings. Saws are mostly a guy thing. He mentioned that most of the people who buy his paintings are ladies.

Mr. Decker is quite prolific. His paintings lined the walls of his house. A trip to his basement revealed walls of paintings interwoven with a wonderful collection of antiques related to the way we used to live.

The following pictures required flash photography and do not do justice to his art. Enjoy more than the art. Enjoy Alvin Decker’s love of life.

Wall of paintings.
Another wall of paintings. Paintings share walls with meaningful antiques.
Still another wall of paintings. There are more walls but we’ll stop here.
Alvin noted that people like the blue colors of winter scenes.
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