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article number 89
article date 12-27-2011
copyright 2011 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
My Baby Chronicles Turned Up in an Abandoned Warehouse. Never Knew They Existed.
author not stated

I got a call from the neighbors across the street. They were cleaning out an abandoned warehouse and found baby chronicles my mom kept on me. When I opened the book I said “Holy Smokes”. I did not know that these chronicles ever existed. I was amazed. As amazing is the fact that the people who found it are now neighbors. It’s a small world.

Besides the entries in the book, the letter from my Grandma is special to me. I had really good memories of her from when I was very young. She had a lot to do with raising me. I remember that she had electricity but no indoor plumbing or central heat. I’d draw water out of the well for her. I helped with caring for the chickens, took the cinders out of the stove and mixed them with the chicken feed. I really got into her sharpening wheel. I sharpened everything I could find.

Hope you enjoy the 1950’s illustrations and entries in this chronicle.

Salt of America scanned the documents for me and covered my last name. I really didn’t care but they said that it may inspire more people to relate their experiences.

My birth didn’t cost too much.
Letter my Grandma from the Carbondale, Illinois area sent me when I was nine months old. She sent me other letters, such as for my first birthday, as if I could read. I’m now glad she did.
I think that I remember the girl in this picture. Can we remember things from that age?
These are the second and fourth Christmas entries. Of course I tested each toy before opening the next.
Guess that Polio vaccinations were big in the 1950’s.
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