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article number 73
article date 10-31-2011
copyright 2011 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Why Have a Pumpkin Carving Party? It’s a Real Easy Way to Have a Kid’s Party.
by Rhonda Burgin

I normally have adults-only parties but was beginning to feel guilty, having four grandkids. The Pumpkin Carving Party ended up perfect without having to do much planning. Don’t have to plan a lot for a couple of hours of fun. In addition to the carving activities, we added hayrack ride, a piñata and a fish fry, a nice way to round out the activities. The party was scheduled between 1 and 4 PM on a Saturday afternoon and the attendance was great.

Setup before the kids arrived. Parent’s bought their own pumpkins and carving kits but be we had spares.
The crowd grows. People can arrive an hour late. It doesn’t matter like it does at some types of kid’s parties.

To me, Halloween is the one true kid’s holiday. You don’t have to schedule for grandparents or go on a trip … it’s something you do at home and outside (easy clean up). It doesn’t involve a lot of travel … it’s not complex … very simple, involves candy, outdoors, costumes, and it’s a fun activity where they are allowed to use their imagination.

There is little for the parents to get upset about. Who cares if you carve a pumpkin wrong. You can’t. At Christmas you want it to be more structured. At Halloween it doesn’t matter, plus you’re going to throw the pumpkins out in a week.

Parents can relax while the kids have at it. Parents do have to be involved but they can let the kids go and be themselves. The new pumpkin carving kits they have for the kids are fantastic. In the old days you had to be careful with knives and kids. Now you can let your 4 year olds go. They’re not going to cut their fingers off.

New carving tools. Less parent supervision. Less bandaids.

The activity works well with a variety of age groups, from 4 years old to 14 years old. The older girls seemed to enjoy it plus their comments to each other show how they get along in school… a bit of friendly ribbing, a sign of growing up.

The invitation process was easy … text to parents of family and they call or text their friends. Unlike well structured parties, the more the merrier … Lots of room out-doors for lots of people.

Oh, you do have to have a couple of bucket to put the pumpkin guts in.
… and magic markers for drawing.
Older girls seem to be more creative.
… very creative.
Granddaughter directs as dad follows orders. Obviously, she will be in management.
Fun for adults too.
Many done pumpkins.
While the hayrack ride is set up, the fish fry preparation begins.
Hayrack ride, real slow out in the country with dogs in the truck … kids hootin’ and hollerin’ but in the correct setting to do that. We sang songs… and we stopped to feed all the horses and donkeys along the way… they enjoyed that.

A nice afternoon. The kids are going to sleep well tonight. The parents can relax. Gonna do this again next year. Hope you like the concept should you need to have a kid’s party and keep your sanity too.

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