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article number 67
article date 10-19-2011
copyright 2011 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Political Yard Sign Wire – Canned Vegetable Strainer
by Stu Moment

Bend wire? You can do it. You don’t have to fret about what to do if the political yard sign doesn’t get picked up after the election. You can use the cardboard for templates and the wire has countless uses. After you read this article think of other things you can do with this wire. You may even be an artist and don’t know it. How ‘bout a mobile with various wire shapes. Even conservative politicians would admire your use of political yard sign wire.

This article is just for fun. You may ask “Why don’t you just use a strainer”. The answer is “I didn’t create the strainer”. Oh, by the way, use of this strainer assumes that you have left the lid on the can having cut around most of the lid. For you bachelor guys like me you will serve half the can and put the can in the refrigerator despite warnings that you will probably die of can poisoning. Haven’t died yet although I always eat the other half of the veggies the next night.

Political yard sign wire is very soft and easy to form into … into … into whatever your imagination comes up with. The processes shown in this article may make experienced artisans laugh (at me). But showing a bunch of pictures working with the wire may inspire you to make something out of it.

Here we go but first, a dramatic intro.

You just got home and are under pressure to prepare a quick meal so you don’t miss a minute of your favorite TV show. In 2 minutes the meat you pulled out of the freezer will be thawed. You have to slice cheese for your sandwich and strain a can of vegetables. Each task takes two minutes. You do not have enough hands to both cut the cheese while hold the can and lid over the sink (heaven forbid the use of a strainer … another thing to wash).

You carefully planned your wire bending project even though you will not follow your plans once you start bending wire … still … good intentions.
Place fairly large tubing or pipe into the vice with a shim, set back to allow the wire to be anchored by the vise. A thin piece of wood works well.
Political sign Wire is soft enough to allow hand bending around the tubing. Due to ‘spring back’ the wire coil will end up larger than the tubing.
The wire coil can be smaller than the can because with this soft wire …
… twist it wider. Yeah, just twist it.
Now you need to make a sharp right angle where the wire will keep the can lid close to the can. A 4 pound sledge gives you a sharper angle than if you bent it by hand, although hand bending works fine.
Finishing a sharp angle.
Beginning the base.
Continuing the base remembering that this side is just ½ of the normal base width.
Normally I’d just slop the 4 base sides but because this is online, I mark the vise with the base width. Now all sides will be about the same.
Blue marks, top and bottom, will show me where to cut the wire.
Big bolt or lock cutters cut the wire easily but I forgot to bring them, so I will use a grinder.
You don’t have to grind or cut all the way through the wire. A couple of bends, back and forth, and you will break the ends off.
Grind the cut off ends smooth. Blood doesn’t go well with veggies.
Someday you may see these things on infomercials.
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