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article number 24
article date 07-06-2011
copyright 2011 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Political Yard Sign Wire – Trash Bag Holder
by Stu Moment with Jeff Burgin

Ok, they didn’t pick up their yard signs and you really weren’t into that candidate anyway … otherwise you would return the signs.

So … What do you do with the wire. There are many good uses for both, the wire and the sign cardboard. Today we will make a Trash Bag Holder with the wire.

We were in a rush to get this inaugural ‘Create’ article online so we did not do a great job** … we are just trying to inspire others to create interesting things.

** Turns out … when your bud gets a call from his wife telling him he has to get home and babysit his grandkids who, were magically were dropped off at their house, you may be in a rush and the job may be less than perfect.

Every creator needs inspiration. This bag is poorly held under a can crusher. We are inspired to improve this situation.

First we will measure the circumference of the bag. We are so intelligent that we measure the flat width and multiply it by 2. We didn’t apply this intelligence. Later we cut down the width as necessary to fit the bag.

Measuring half of the circumference. Oh … such precision.

Next we will decide on what style holder to make.

Hmmmm …. X Style?
Hmmmm … Hex Style?
Hmmmm … TV table style … Yeah! That’s the one.
Precision cuts. Looks about right.
Soldered up after wrapping joints with un-insulated wire.
Top cut, pulled in, and soldered in order to fit bag.
Job done. This bag holder has been placed in service, under the can crusher of course.

OK guys and gals. You guys can come up with some original uses for political sign wire as well as the sign cardboard. Some uses will be utilitarian, other uses may be art. Hey … it may be art to me. How about wire stuck into the ground holding a Campbell Soup can. Now that’s art.

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