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article number 122
article date 04-19-2012
copyright 2012 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Decorative Crafts: Sew On “Yo-Yos” and Coffee Filter Flower Bowls
by Stu Moment

The Camargo Township Library in Villa Grove Illinois hosts both kids and adult crafts [events]. Adult Craft meets the first Thursday of every month at 10am. The Kids Craft meeting is on the second Tuesday of every month from 3:30 to 4:30.

The adult craft group has done service projects such as valentines, bibs made from dish towels and Easter baskets for the Tuscola Illinois and Newman Illinois Nursing Homes.

There is also an old town tradition of leaving a basket on a friends or neighbors porch.

It takes about an hour to plan the meeting. Projects are often found in crafts magazines then the required materials need to be stocked.

One such [event] was to make sew on “yo-yos” and coffee filter flower bowls.

Let’s enjoy the adult craft with them.


The group meets in a room in the back of the Camargo Township Library, Villa Grove Illinois.
Projects are often found in magazines.
Cloth is cut in a circle. You can make different size Yo-yos. Cups, coffee can lids and other circular objects are used as templates.
Different size circles … different patterns of cloth.
Sew near the outside of the circle. You will be pulling the tread to make the yo-yo.
You can use a form to make sewing easier.
Other side of the form.
Linda (in green) plans or helps out at many Adult Crafts. Many of the group come up with ideas. It takes about an hour to plan a one hour meeting. Julie (in pink) also helps out. She also leads the Kid’s Crafts sessions.
Yo-Yos are sewn onto dish towels or anything that you want to decorate.
Buttons may be sewn in the middle of the yo-yo.
Glad the library has events like this to keep these young ladies off the streets and out of trouble.
Librarian, Jackie Wells Jamison keeps the crowd from becoming unruly.

Coffee Filter Flower Bowl

Food dye wicks up into the filter.
How many colors do you want?
Flower petals cut with scissors. This craftsperson cut more than one at a time before coloring.
Flower will be glued to the cup.
No! No candy until after lunch.
Trouble with a one hour project … drying time. Someone was resourceful.
White glue to attach the flower to the bowl.
Nothing wrong with using your imagination. Nice touch.
Gives new meaning to cutting the grass.
Speaking of imagination.

Thank you Jackie, Linda and Julie for letting us observe you crafts project. I planned on making the yo-yos and flower bowls with you but had to take pictures and notes. Still, guys … you can join the family in these projects. Remember, only real men can wear pink.

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