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article number 49
article date 09-06-2011
copyright 2011 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Could You Enjoy Going to a Drag Race?
by Stu Moment

We all drag race, especially when were late picking up the kids … or when we get that occasional reversion to immaturity … next to someone at a stoplight. But would you enjoy going to a drag race?

For those who haven’t gone to one, this article gives you a brief summary of the activities at a drag race, not a technical one … ‘cause I don’t know the technical, don’t really want to know the technical … just have a great time enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and vibrations of drag racing. Maybe you would too.


Drag racing has constant action. All the cars in one class race, then another class races. Each class may race two or three times in a day. Between races in their class, the cars go back to their pit for work and adjustments. You may wish to go to the pits and watch the mechanics in action.

Quarter mile speeds vary from 190 mph to 315 miles per hour depending on the class. The top two classes have top speeds of over 300 mph but of these two, the ‘Top Fuel’ class does it with more than sound. They shake the ground. You will smile. Oh, by the way don’t forget your ear plugs when you go.

Ladies: You will have favorite drivers of you own genre to root for … and they are good.

Engine lovers: The pits (trailers with porches) are accessible to all. The mechanics are busy right after a round but you will be able to determine the right time to ask questions. This year I asked why they keep the cylinder heads off the engines. The mechanic told me that they put the heads on about 1 ½ hours before the race once they can predict the temperature and humidity at race time. Then they put the correct thickness of head gaskets to give the maximum compression ratio which will not cause detonation.

Parachutes Deployed.
The first time I saw bikes drag racing I forgot to bring my glasses and given my blurred vision, I thought they looked like toys going down the track. This year I bought my glasses. They still looked like toys.
This accident did stop the rapid pace of action for a while. The driver was OK.
Oh how humble … a Geo Metro towing the racer back to the pits.
Some pits have well sponsored and well dressed mechanics.
Other pits have you or me working.
Two parachutes ready to mount.
Cylinder head with supercharged engine in background. Don’t we all keep our engines this clean?
Vintage drag racers are on display at this race. There are some very interesting ones which go back to the 50’s.
Can’t have an event like this without a T-Shirt Cannon Guy.
The Ford booth had a drag race simulation. More accidents than on the real track but only egos are bruised.
Yike’s … guess its normal for any event. You can bring in your own water or sports drinks … or in my case, an interestingly re-flavored sports drink.
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