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article number 145
article date 07-05-2012
copyright 2012 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Dirt Track Racking Through the Eyes of a [Lady]
by Jackie Wells Jamison

So it’s Saturday night and you’re going out on a date with your beau, who is a NASCAR fan. Where do ya’ head to? Macon Speedway, Macon Illinois, for the races. Gosh I have never been to the races … what to wear … what to wear?

So after being in turmoil wondering if I should wear my flip flops that match my outfit or my tennis shoes which don’t, I decide better wear my flip flops (but I took my tennies just in case). As we roll up to the speedway to park I get a glimpse of the attire for the evening and decide my tennis shoe will be just fine.

2 tickets were 30 bucks as I guess it was a special night … oh they are running 50 laps instead of 25 … what’s more fun than watching 25 laps??? Watching 50 laps ( I might be saying that facetiously).

Where to sit? I love how they try to spruce the track up with these flowers right by the trash can.
They have snacks. We got some popcorn.
They have affordable food too!
You have to clean off a spot before you sit down … as I found out. When the track is “fresh” the cars throw mud balls at ya! So much for showering before going. We sat on the turn 4.
See the mud balls in the fence?
Look at all these people. Who knew that this many people liked racing?
They really get into cheering on the cars they root for. I might be the only person who has no idea which car is in the lead and which car is last. And the “good racing” hasn’t even started yet.
So now to they bring out equipment to prepare the track for the 50 laps and folks start heading for the food stands.
Wonder if mom knows how dad feeds the kids at the track? Then again, an evening like this is special … and Mom has the night off. Great Dad!
My beau grew up going to the track, his family went every Sat night so he knew to bring goggles, and earplugs. He had on the goggles I put in the earplugs.
So the race begins and with the corndogs all finished, these kids start cheering and rooting on the drivers. I still don’t know how you tell who is winning.
The big loud cars start and I shove my earplugs in a little bit farther. This couple was using some kind of hand signals to tell the drivers what to do. I’m sure that the drivers are watching.
So when the track isn’t fresh anymore you don’t have to worry about mud balls being flung at you but boy, the dust was just thick in the air. Again, a word of advice: don’t bother to shower before you go ladies. You’ll be a muddy dusty mess by the end anyway.
They even have a bar if ya’ want a cold one. I might want one as the caution lights really slow down the action … and I have a giant dust cloud lodged in my throat!

All in all it was a great. Fun people, fun experience … plus now he might see a chick flick with me …


… Oh the things you do for love!!!!

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