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article number 16
article date 06-24-2011
copyright 2011 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
A Nature Hike to Get Away from Technology
by Stu Moment

Rode to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Nice ride, nice place … but … there is a TV and internet service in my room … a distraction from some badly needed R & R. Santa Fe has a trail rising 3000 feet to a mountain top. I’m out of shape but I’ll take the hike and escape our techno society for an afternoon.


One thousand feet up the trail I can no longer see the buildings of Santa Fe. I am immersed in nature.


Two thousand feet up the trail I take a break and sit down. I watch a woodpecker in action. I am escaping the civilized world I have no connection to my daily techno habits although I do take out my cell phone to check the time. I have another hour to reach the mountain top before I should turn back.

I huff and puff, hiking the last one thousand feet. Finally, I reach the top. I can see the mountains of Albuquerque in the distance … I am in a beautiful natural environment. I pull out my cell phone to check the time and note, “Wow, I have high speed internet service up here!”

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