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article number 97
article date 01-24-2012
copyright 2012 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Po Boy Bologna Salad
by Stu Moment

Bologna Salad is often considered a poor man’s ham salad. Well … we take this one step further. With the sale prices of bologna at $2 per pound, we use hot dogs instead of bologna. Only the wealthy can afford bologna.

Soon to be the Queen of England, Victoria can afford bologna.
Us peasants have to settle for hot dogs.

OK … this is not really bologna salad. The real ingredients could include chopped egg, green pepper, mayo, ranch dressing and herbs or spices like celery salt. Use your imagination. It will always turn out fine.

But the point of this soon to be award winning article is that our Po Boy variety will trick the taste testers by using hot dogs! Turned out just fine.

Didn’t have bologna … just some hot dogs in the freezer. Used a dill pickle instead of relish. This was slightly too much pickle … had a bright taste. The tomato was supposed to ad red color … a touch of pimento could be better. Didn’t have mayonnaise or ranch dressing. That would have held it together better for a sandwich. Instead mixed Italian dressing with mustard for half the mix and tried garlic dipping sauce that came with a pizza for the other half … you’re supposed to say “interesting”.
Tricking the taste testers … slicing hot dogs into pretend bologna.
Everything chopped. Could have used a little less pickle if eating on a sandwich… although for a cracker spread, it turned out more than fine.
Again, mayonnaise or ranch dressing would have stuck it together better. On left is combo of Italian dressing and mustard.
All mixed … two dressings, two different flavors.
Didn’t have crackers so used some slices of dark bread (also found in my freezer). Put the bread in the broiler, 1 minute each side to make it hard like crackers.
Serving suggestion for football Sunday. Don’t you complain about the cheap beer. My Papa always told me, “Never trust a beer that’s more that 50 cents a can”.
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