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article number 91
article date 01-03-2012
copyright 2012 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
‘Frozen Leftover’ Meat Curry … Makes any Old Meat Taste Great.
by Stu Moment

When you are thinking of throwing out that leftover meat that’s been sitting too long in the freezer, here is a quick recipe which will convert that meat into a tasty dish.

Many good curries are made with chicken or pork. They are both excellent but this article will show the same ingredients used with other meats, in our case turkey or roast. The turkey pieces were not from the best part of the turkey and the roast was a bit gamey tasting … Uhhh, I think it was deer roast.

Was it good? Turned out great … so much so that I pigged out on it 3 nights in a row, got tired of it, then devoured more the next weekend. The ingredients can make anything which crawls into your kitchen edible, if not great.

The first time I made curry I just used soy sauce and curry powder. Didn’t turn out too good. Then I met a lady from India and asked her what I was doing wrong. She said “you dummy … you need onions to sweeten it up!” She told me to add raisins if I want to make it special, like her mother’s curry. I had some raisins in the cupboard for years in case one of the kids got plugged up. Oh my … after 10 years on the shelf the raisins were still good. All of the ingredients except onions may be stored.

‘Fresh’ out of the freezer where the meats have been sitting for a billion years. Non prime turkey pieces and roast that was a bit gamey. Remember that chicken or pork may be best for curries.
Make lots of rice. I did 2 cups of rice with 4 cups of water in this pot (covered on low flame). A few drops of olive oil added to the water keeps the rice from sticking to the pot and makes cooking time non-critical. I’ve had people tell me to try fancy rice cooking gizmos but my rice turns out better than their techno rice … so there!
Store the rice in your fridge, covered of course.
This amount of onion turned out perfect. If you require exact measurement then it’s one onion per big clump of meat.
ALL INGREDIENTS. The bigger bottle of Curry Powder and the smaller bottle of Ground Turmeric were $1 each at a flea market. You’ll get ripped off at the local store but you won’t use very much.
About one teaspoon each, ground turmeric and ground curry powder are added to one chopped onion, a small handful of raisins and a big clump of meat.
Cheap soy sauce is added … just enough to mix with the grub without leaving too much liquid on the bottom. The soy sauce makes the mix darker which, for me is great. I don’t like yellow curry which is the normal color you get in a fine restaurant. I just don’t like the yellow color. Darker color curry for me is more tasty even though, in reality, it tastes the same.
That gamey roast is not supposed to work well with curry. I loved it. Like I said … this mix makes anything which crawls into the kitchen taste good.

OK, at this point I covered the containers and let them sit in the fridge for a day or more. Just micro wave portions of curry over rice when you want a meal.

WARNING: DO NOT MIX THE CURRY MUCH MORE WHEN YOU TAKE IT OUT OF THE FRIDGE. That bit of soy sauce in the bottom mixed with the spices may overwhelm you.

Serving suggestion. Yeah, I don’t really like veggies either but if I don’t eat them my mom will haunt me.
By the next football weekend I didn’t care about fine dishes. Mixed the last of both curries together and pigged out. 3 beers in … I started to talk Hindi.
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