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article number 665
article date 05-18-2017
copyright 2017 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Poseidon’s Pious Potions: Seafood Entrées, Fannie Farmer, 1915
by Fannie Merritt Farmer, Boston, 1857-1915

From the 1915 New Book of Cookery. Fannie Farmer died in 1915.

EDITORS NOTE: Article is decorated from ads in 1917 ’House Beautiful’ magazines.

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Shrimp Patties

• 1 1/2 tablespoons butter
• 1 1/2 tablespoons flour
• 3/4 cup cream
• 1/4 teaspoon salt
• 1/4 teaspoon celery salt
• 1/4 teaspoon paprika
• Few gratings nutmeg
• 1 cup shrimps
• 1/4 cup walnut meats
• 1/2 teaspoon Orange Curaçoa

Melt butter, add flour and stir until well blended; then add cream gradually while stirring constantly.

Bring to boiling point and add salt, celery salt, paprika, nutmeg and shrimps, cut in halves.

Again bring to boiling point and add walnut meats, broken in pieces, and orange curaçoa. Reheat patty shells and fill with mixture.

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Crab and Mushroom Vol-au-Vent

Melt three tablespoons butter, add three tablespoons flour and stir until well blended.

Pour on gradually, while stirring constantly, one cup chicken stock and one-half cup cream.

Bring to the boiling point and add one and one-half cups crab meat and the caps from one-half pound mushrooms, cut in strips and sautéd in butter.

As soon as thoroughly heated, add:
one-half cup grated Parmesan cheese,
three tablespoons Sherry wine,
one-half teaspoon salt,
one-eighth teaspoon pepper and
one-eighth teaspoon paprika.

Fill vol-au-vent with mixture. Adjust cover and garnish with sprigs of parsley.

Crab and Mushroom Vol-au-Vent.

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Salmon Mayonnaise

• 3 slices salmon
• Cold water
• 1/2 bay leaf
• 2 cloves
• 2 slices lemon
• 1 small sliced onion
• 6 slices carrot
• 1 sprig parsley
• 1 teaspoon salt
• 1/4 teaspoon pepper
• 1/4 cup vinegar
• 1/4 cup white wine
• 1 cup Mayonnaise Dressing
• 1 teaspoon granulated gelatine
• 1/2 tablespoon cold water

Wipe salmon cut in two-inch slices (each weighing two-thirds pound), put in a pan, cover with cold water and add seasonings.

Let stand two or three hours; then cook slowly on top of range until fish is tender.

Take from pan, remove skin and bones, and press, using the hands, to keep in shape.

Cool and cover with one cup Mayonnaise Dressing, to which has been added one-half teaspoon granulated gelatine soaked in one teaspoon cold water.

Garnish with thin slices of truffle, cut in fancy shapes.

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Lobster in Aspic

Wipe and cut one pound halibut (cut from nape) in small pieces.

Put in stewpan, add body bones and meat contained therein of two one-and-one-half-pound lobsters, three pints cold water, bring gradually to the boiling point and let simmer one and one-half hours.

Strain; there should be one quart fish stock.

Cook eight minutes:
• two tablespoons chopped carrot,
• two tablespoons onion,
• two tablespoons celery,
• two sprigs parsley,
• bit of bay leaf and
• one and one-half teaspoons peppercorns with one cup white wine.

Strain, add to fish stock and season with salt, cayenne and lemon juice.

Cool and add one box granulated gelatine (which has been soaked in one-fourth cup cold water thirty minutes) and whites two eggs.

Put on range and stir constantly until boiling point is reached. Remove to back of range and let simmer ten minutes.

Strain through several thicknesses of cheese-cloth, placed over a fine wire strainer.

Remove meat from lobsters, cut in pieces, and marinate with a French Dressing, substituting lemon juice for vinegar.

Place individual moulds in pan of ice water, cover bottoms with jelly mixture and when firm garnish with tough claw meat of lobster, and truffle, cut in fancy shapes.

Cover with jelly mixture and when firm, fill with lobster meat, mixed with some of the jelly mixture, just as it is ready to set.

Chill thoroughly, remove from moulds, place on lettuce leaves and serve with Mayonnaise Dressing.

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Moulded Fish in Aspic

Wipe a slice of halibut, remove skin and bones and force fish through a meat chopper; there should be three-fourths pound.

Melt three-fourths tablespoon butter, add one tablespoon flour and stir until well blended; then pour on gradually, while stirring constantly, one-third cup fish stock.

Bring to the boiling point, add fish and pound in a mortar until thoroughly blended.

• two whole eggs,
• three egg yolks,
• two teaspoons salt and
• one-fourth teaspoon pepper.

When well mixed, add one-half cup heavy cream.

Garnish a buttered fish mould with truffle, cut in slices, then in strips to represent tail and fins, and small crescent shapes to represent scales.

During the process of garnishing, the pieces of truffle, after being placed, should be frequently sprinkled with some of the liquid drained from truffles, otherwise they will become dry and curl. It is desirable after a portion is completed to cover it with a piece of cheese-cloth, wrung out of cold water, for the same reason.

Fill moulds with fish forcemeat, set in pan of hot water, cover with buttered paper and bake until fish is firm to the touch.

Remove from mould, cool and put in a mould of aspic.

Chill and remove from mould to serving dish. Garnish with watercress and cucumber ribbons.

Fish Aspic. — To two and one-half quarts cold water add two pounds halibut (cut from nape), wiped and cut in small pieces.

• liquor drained from one quart canned tomatoes,
• one onion stuck with three cloves,
• three-fourths teaspoon peppercorns,
• one-eighth teaspoon celery salt,
• two allspice berries and
• one-fourth cup white wine.

Cover, bring slowly to the boiling point and let simmer two hours.

Strain, cool and add:
• three-fourths tablespoon salt,
• one-fourth teaspoon pepper and
• two tablespoons lemon juice.

Soak eight tablespoons granulated gelatine in one-fourth cup cold water, add to stock and clear.

To each quart of cleared stock add three tablespoons white wine and two teaspoons tarragon vinegar.

Moulded Fish in Aspic.

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Lobster Boats

• 2 tablespoons butter
• 1 tablespoon chopped onion
• 2/3 cup hot boiled rice
• 1 1/4 cups lobster dice
• 1/4 cup Tomato Sauce
• Few grains soda
• Salt
• Celery salt
• Cayenne
• 1/2 cup heavy cream

Cook butter with onion five minutes, stirring constantly.

Add lobster, rice and cream. When heated, add Tomato Sauce (to which soda has been added) and season highly with salt, celery salt and cayenne.

Fill pastry boats with mixture, garnish with tail pieces and tips of lobster claws and pour around Tomato Sauce.

Insert sails made of rice paper and small wooden skewers, covering skewers with thin white cardboard (which will keep in place if simply folded over).

Lobster Boats.

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Hampden Halibut en Coquilles

• 1/2 cup cold flaked halibut
• 3 tablespoons butter
• 1 1/2 tablespoons flour
• 1 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch
• 1/3 cup fish stock
• 1/3 cup mushroom liquor
• 1/3 cup cream
• Yolks 2 eggs
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• 1/8 teaspoon paprika
• Few grains cayenne
• 1/3 cup canned mushrooms
• Whites 2 eggs
• 1/4 cup grated cheese
• 1/8 teaspoon paprika
• Few grains salt

Melt butter, add flour and stir until well blended.

Pour on gradually, while stirring constantly the:
◦ fish stock,
◦ mushroom liquor and
◦ cream.

Bring to the boiling point and add the:
◦ egg yolks, slightly beaten,
◦ salt,
◦ pepper and
◦ paprika.

Add flaked fish and mushrooms cut in thin slices.

Fill buttered shells with mixture, cover with whites of eggs, beaten until stiff, mixed with cheese and seasoned with paprika and salt.

Sprinkle with more cheese and bake until well browned.

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Oyster Crabs, Bêarnaise

Wash and pick over one pint oyster crabs.

Put in saucepan, place on range, and add:
• one-half cup Sherry wine,
• one tablespoon butter,
• one-half teaspoon salt and
• one-fourth teaspoon paprika.

Light Sherry and let burn two minutes. Turn on serving dish, pour over Béarnaise Sauce II and garnish with puff paste points.

— Béarnaise Sauce II (repeat from separate SaltOfAmerica.com article "Sassy and Saucy . . . Fannie Farmer’s Meat & Fish Sauce Recipes . . .")

• 3 tablespoons tarragon vinegar
• 1/2 onion
• Yolks 4 eggs
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• 1/8 teaspoon paprika
• 4 tablespoons butter

Put water, vinegar and onion in small saucepan and heat to boiling-point.

Beat yolks of eggs slightly and pour on gradually hot liquid, from which- onion has been removed; then add seasonings.

Place saucepan in larger saucepan, containing boiling water, and cook, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens slightly.

Add butter which has been worked until creamy, one tablespoon at a time, stirring constantly during the entire cooking.

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Oyster and Shrimp Newburg

• 1 pint oysters
• 1 can shrimps
• 1/4 cup Sherry
• 1/4 cup butter
• 1 1/2 tablespoons flour
• 1 cup cream
• 2 egg yolks
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• Nutmeg
• Few grains Paprika
• Few grains Cayenne
• 2 tablespoons brandy

Wash and parboil oysters and drain from their liquor.

Clean and break shrimps in small pieces. Mix oysters and shrimps, add wine, cover and let stand one hour.

Put in blazer, add butter and cook five minutes.

Sprinkle with flour and cook two minutes.

Add three-fourths cup cream and when mixture has thickened, add egg yolks, slightly beaten and diluted with remaining cream; then add seasonings and serve on toast or in puff paste shells.

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Scallops Ia Newburg

• 1 pint scallops
• 3 tablespoons butter
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• Few grains cayenne
• 1 teaspoon lemon juice
• 1 teaspoon flour
• 1/2 cup thin cream
• 2 egg yolks
• 2 tablespoons Sherry wine

Put scallops in omelet pan and cook until they begin to shrivel; drain thoroughly, cut in halves, and cook in two tablespoons butter three minutes.

Add salt, cayenne and lemon juice and cook one minute.

Melt remaining butter, add flour and stir until blended; then pour on gradually, while stirring constantly, cream.

Bring to the boiling point and add egg yolks, slightly beaten, scallops and wine.

ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ

Scallops en Brochette

Clean scallops, put in saucepan and cook until they begin to shrivel. Drain and dry on a towel.

Alternate scallops and pieces of thinly sliced bacon on skewers, allowing four scallops and five pieces bacon to each skewer.

Balance skewers in upright position by putting through cubes of bread placed on rack in dripping pan and bake in a hot oven until bacon is crisp.

Arrange on serving dish and garnish with lemon and parsley.

Scallops en Brochette.

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Shrimps, Louisiana Style

• 2 tablespoons butter
• 1 teaspoon chopped onion
• 2/3 cup canned shrimps
• 2/3 cup hot boiled rice
• 2/3 cup heavy cream
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• 1/4 teaspoon celery salt
• Few grains cayenne
• 3 tablespoons tomato sauce

Cook butter with onion five minutes, stirring constantly. Add shrimps, broken in pieces, rice and heavy cream.

When thoroughly heated, add salt, celery salt, cayenne and tomato sauce.

Turn on a hot serving dish and garnish with puff paste crescents and parsley.

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