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article number 63
article date 10-10-2011
copyright 2011 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Too Few Fish Asian Noodles
by Stu Moment

So you only caught too bluegill. This is a companion recipe to Too Few Fish Chowder. Even if you don’t like fish, if you like the tang of ginger and soy sauce then this one’s for you. PS: You can use many things other than fish in this recipe. Ginger even goes well with left over bits of beef.

You only caught two bluegill but you have to eat them. They only live 5 years and they would like to be remembered for their contribution to your dinner plate.
Fish pieces in a frying pan with pepper or whatever spice you may want to use. Spicing them may be unnecessary. You don’t taste the fish in this recipe. They just add little chunks of something to the noodles … In fact when it’s not fishing season I use pieces of fake crab meat instead of fish.
You don’t have to fry them to bits as shown here. If you like fish taste, stop frying when they are done … about 2 to 3 minutes.
Here are the ingredients. The fish bits are wrapped in plastic only because they were made earlier. The 15 cents worth of ginger is too much tang. Only half of the ginger was used. The cheap brand of soy sauce may be fine for cooking … or if you are snobe’, use a brand name.
Just want to show you the amount of ginger used. If you use too much, your nostrils will flair. With just this amount, you will really taste the ginger.
You don’t have to dice the ginger any finer than this. Its taste will pass into the soy sauce when preheated in a microwave oven.
Soy sauce, fish bits, ginger bits and butter in the microwave. Of course you can use a butter substitute but I was a good boy this week and it only takes a little butter to coat the noodles.
Oh yeah! After a minute or two in a low microwave setting, the ginger has passed its flavor to the soy sauce-butter mix.
Noodles in Strainer after cooking. These are linguini noodles … kinda’ flat. I like them in this recepi. OK linguini sounds Italian and this recipe is supposed to Asian. Use whatever noodle type you desire.
If you like this sort of thing, you will not be disappointed in the taste. Go watch your allotted hour of TV and eat these “Asian Noodles”.
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