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article number 57
article date 09-26-2011
copyright 2011 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Too Few Fish Chowder
by Stu Moment

Gone fishing but just caught a couple of small fish? Gotta’ eat ‘em ‘cause you caught ‘em … but there’s not enough fish to broil or fry?

Here is a recipe which uses very little seafood … in fact it is supposed to be clam chowder. I first ate it at a fancy restaurant, so fancy that when I ordered it the waiter said “Good Choice”.


When it was served I thought “huh”, its tomato based? I don’t really like tomato soup although I used to eat tomato noodle soup when I was a kid. Well … I liked the flavor and figured out that it had lime juice mixed in. It didn’t have a bunch of potatoes as shown in this article … just a few goodies that help make a chowder. You add the goodies that you like.

Too Bluegill hoping that you will eat them instead of throwing them back into their dull pond life.
Fish pieces in a frying pan with pepper or whatever spice you may want to use. Spicing them may be unnecessary since the taste of the chowder may overcome the taste of the fish.
If you want a fishy taste, stop frying here while they are still chunky. They cook very quickly.
If you don’t want a fishy taste, fry them to bits. You wouldn’t know that they aren’t clam bits. These bits will be used in another recipe, Too Few Fish Asian Noodles. I lied. There were 4 bluegill, but only two used in the chowder.
Tomato paste and lime juice concentrate. You can use tomato sauce, tomato soup and fresh squeezed real lime if you’d like.
Water and lime juice has been added. TASTE THE MIX NOW! Adjust the mix until you like the taste.
Potatoes were diced then micro-waved … just slightly undercooked. That way they won’t be overcooked when you heat up the chowder.
Potatoes added to the chowder. I used too many potatoes. Email me if you find other ingredients which work well with tomato base.
Add Fish. Oops, not enough soup. Will add more tomato paste, lime juice and water.
Pepper added. I added too much pepper for my taste. Email me other spices which may work well with this tomato based chowder.
As they say below the picture on packaged foods … “Serving Suggestion”. Took a pre-grilled hamburger out of the freezer, put some of Rhonda’s famous salsa on it, then added yucky canned vegetables because they are supposed to be good for you. OH! That is parsley on top of the chowder … kinda’ like you see it in a fancy restaurant. Bone Appetit.
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