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article number 54
article date 09-19-2011
copyright 2011 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Rhonda’s Grilled Cabbage
by Rhonda Burgin

This great tasting Cabbage Dish uses bacon and onion to compliment the cooked cabbage flavor.

I use a deposable aluminum pan sprayed with non-stick spray.

Layer of bacon, cabbage, onion and another layer of bacon: Before cooking.

One pound of bacon strips are cut in half and about half of these are laid across the bottom of the pan.

Core a large head of cabbage then cut into fairly large clumps. Place cabbage clumps on top of bacon.

Peal one large onion into large pieces, 2 inches square or larger. Spread over cabbage.

I use lots of salt and pepper. Pepper in this recipe is not overwhelming. You can use a lot without making the cabbage to hot. It just improves its taste.

One stick of butter is sliced and placed over the whole dish.

The rest of the bacon is placed on top.

Cover with foil and place in a 350 degree oven (or grill) for one hour.

Into a 350 degree oven along with other goodies. The pork will be placed on a charcoal grill after some oven cooking. This dish is great with pork although it is more than fine with chicken or beef.
After cooking. Ready to slice.
“Serving Suggestion”. Shown with chicken but many love it with pork.
Hubbies are good at grilling. Everything is great with this cabbage.
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