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article number 531
article date 02-23-2016
copyright 2016 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Chicken & Other Fowl Recipes, California, 1906
by Ladies of San Rafael, California

From the 1906 San Rafael Cook Book, "Compiled by the Ladies of San Rafael, California."

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Take young chickens to fry; or if old they must be steamed first, then jointed, rubbed dry, rolled in seasoned flour, and fried in butter; or equal quantities of butter and dripping can be used.

There must be plenty of fat; and after the chicken is well browned on both sides, cover tightly, and remove to where it will cook slowly, for at least 3 hours, turning occasionally.

Put 1 heaping tablespoon of flour in fat; after the chicken is done, pour in milk to the right consistency; season, and pour over chicken, or serve in gravy boat.

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Joint the chickens and put to cook in hot water, pouring on water about 1/2 the depth of chicken. Cover tightly, and cook slowly from 2 to 5 hours, according to age of chicken.

1/2 hour before serving, season, make a drawn butter gravy of the broth, and let the chicken simmer in this on back of stove.

Serve on split biscuit or toast, or place boiled rice around the edge of the platter. Some prefer a cream gravy.

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Split down the back young chickens 3/4 grown; spread with butter, cover with another pan, and bake 1/2 hour. Season and brown before serving. Some brown the chicken on the broiler.

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Remove the skin, fat and bones from one cold boiled chicken; then chop or grind as for mincemeat.

- 2 tablespoons butter into which work:
- 1 large tablespoon of flour.

To this add:
- 1/2 pint of cream or rich milk,
- 1/4 of a nutmeg grated,
- a pinch of ground mace,
- 1 teaspoon of scraped onion,
- 1 tablespoon of chopped parsley,
- salt and pepper to taste.

Place this mixture, with the chicken, in a pan, and stew it about 5 minutes; remove from the fire and add the yolks of 2 eggs; mix thoroughly and spread on a dish to cool.

When cold take about a teaspoonful of it, roll in flour, and shape in a mold or a wineglass.

Then take:
- the yolks of 2 eggs,
- 1 tablespoon of cream,
- 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, and
- a little salt.

Mix well, dip the croquettes first in this and then in fine bread crumbs. Fry in boiling fat, a light brown. These may be warmed over by putting them in a warm oven, not too hot or they will dry.

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CHICKEN TERRAPIN (For a chafing dish.)—Mrs. J. E. Alexander.

Cut a cold chicken into small pieces, removing all bone and gristle. Put into the chafing dish 1/2 pt. of cream and 1/4 lb. of butter rubbed into a large spoonful of flour; pepper and salt to taste.

Add the chicken, and when it boils up, add 3 hard boiled eggs chopped fine, and the juice of a lemon. Simmer for a moment and serve.

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Split the chickens down the back, dry and dredge with flour.

Add pepper and salt; put in a pan with some bits of butter, cover with 1 qt. of water.

Put in oven, and closely cover with another pan which may be removed when the chickens are nearly done, to let them brown.

Thicken the gravy; serve with mashed potatoes.

California Fruit and Poultry Market. M. Haubrich, Proprietor. 809 Fourth Street, San Rafael, Cal. Telephone, Black 1662.

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Rub together:
- 1 tablespoon butter;
- 1 tablespoon flour.

Cook 1/2 pint of milk until thick, then add 1/2teaspoon onion juice.

Cut into dice 2 cups of cooked chicken or turkey which have stood from 1/2 hour to 2 hours.

In 2 tablespoons olive oil; add 1/2 teaspoon celery salt, 1/2 teaspoon white salt, and a dash of cayenne.

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- 1 pint chopped chicken,
- 1 tablespoon butter,
- 1 tablespoon chopped parsley,
- 1 pint of milk,
- 2 dashes of pepper,
- 1 tablespoon flour,
- 3 eggs, and
- 1/2 cup of stale bread crumbs.

Put the butter into a small saucepan, and when melted add the flour and mix till smooth. Then add the milk and stir continually until it boils, add the crumbs, cook 1 minute.

Take from the fire, add salt, pepper, parsley, chicken, and the yolks of the eggs well beaten.

Beat the whites to a stiff froth, stir them into the mixture carefully.

Pour into a well greased baking dish, and bake in a quick oven for 20 minutes. Serve immediately or it will fall.

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CREAMED CHICKEN—Mrs. J. E. Alexander.

- 1 chicken,
- 4 sweetbreads,
- 1 can mushrooms.

Boil sweetbreads 1/2 hour, Boil chicken until tender. When cold, cut up as for salad.

In a saucepan put 4 large tablespoons of butter; when melted, stir in 5 tablespoons of flour, add 1 qt. of rich milk, or 1/2 qt. cream and 1/2 quart milk; stir until it thickens.

Flavor with a little onion juice, black and red pepper, and a little nutmeg. Put all together in a baking dish and cover with bread crumbs; add a little of the chicken broth. Bake 20 minutes. Oysters, mushrooms and sweetbreads are delicious prepared in the same way.

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Boil a chicken with a little salt, pepper, parsley and celery. When done, strain stock onto one cup of rice and boil until done.

Brown a big tablespoon of butter in a frying pan, put your chicken in it and brown thoroughly.

Cut up fine, a good sized onion, brown it in the butter, then put chicken back in the onion and cover tightly for 20 minutes. Put the onions into the rice, stir, and serve with chicken.

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Season flour well with salt and pepper, mixing thoroughly. Cut young chicken in 10 pieces, wash and dry, leaving the parts just moist enough to allow the seasoned flour to adhere to them.

Put in frying pan equal parts lard and butter, and fry the chicken brown, turning frequently, as it must be thoroughly cooked.

Take from pan, add cream or milk to the gravy and cook until quite thick, pour over chicken and serve. More cream and less cooking gives the white sauce, but brown sauce is what Southern cooks prefer.

G. W. Fox. Marin Electrical Works. 724 Fourth St. San Rafael. Telephone Black 781.

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SOUTHERN CHICKEN GUMBO—Mrs. Thos. Wintringham.

- 1 large fowl jointed,
- 1/4 lb. fat salt pork.

Cover well with water and boil until thoroughly cooked. Remove bones and cut in small squares. Return to the broth of which there should be at least 2 quarts.

Add to this:

- 1 lb. okra sliced fine,
- 6 large tomatoes skinned,
- 1 small onion,
- 1 green Chile pepper,
- 3 or 4 birdseye peppers,
- salt.

Boil slowly 3 hrs, taking care not to burn. Serve with boiled rice.

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(Use Chafing Dish or Double Boiler)

- 2 cups chicken,
- 1 large tablespoon butter,
- 2 cups cream,
- yolks of 2 eggs,
- 1/2 cup French peas,
- 1 cup mushrooms (French) cut up,
- 1 tablespoon cornstarch,
- 1 wine glass sherry.

Season with: (just a suggestion of each)
- salt,
- tabasco,
- onion juice,
- Worcestershire,
- celery salt, and
- paprika.

Cream butter and cornstarch together. Place in chafing dish and let it melt.

Add the cream gradually, the beaten yolks, salt, celery salt, onion juice, Worcestershire, tabasco and paprika; then the mushrooms, peas, chicken and sherry. Serve on buttered toast.

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Boil 2 green peppers 10 minutes, remove seeds and cut into small strips. Mix with 2 cups cold chicken, cut in dice.

Blend 3 tablespoons butter with 3 tablespoons flour and add gradually 1 1/3 cups chicken stock; when thick add chicken and peppers and serve on toast.

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Boil a good sized chicken until tender. Drain the liquor from a quart of oysters.

Line the bottom and sides of pan with pie crust. Put in a layer of oysters and one of chicken until the dish is full. Season with salt, pepper, bits of butter and oyster liquor. Cover and bake. Serve with sliced lemon.

Otton Grocery Co. 423-25-27 B Street, San Rafael, Cal. Telephone Black 1191.

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CHICKEN CURRY—Mrs. A. W. Foster.

- Two fryers,
- 1 cocoanut,
- 1 1/2 quart milk, or part cream,
- green ginger root size of thumb,
- 1 onion,
- 1 clove garlic,
- curry power.

Grate cocoanut, pour over milk, let stand on back of stove an hour then strain and squeeze hard.

Fry onion cut fine, ginger cut and garlic with curry powder; then add milk, let simmer 20 minutes, strain again, then add chicken which has been browned in butter and let simmer. Serve with rice, lemon, Chutney and Bombay India.

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CURRIED CHICKEN—Mrs. Thos. S. Bonneau.

Cut up chicken with:
- few thin slices of salt pork,
- 1 onion,
- a little salt.

Cover with cold water, boil slow until tender.

When water simmers away mix tablespoon of curry with a little water—stir in gravy and stew with the chicken a few minutes; have some boiled rice moulded in cups set around chicken when ready to serve.

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CURRIED CHICKEN—Mrs. Thos. S. Bonneau.

- 1 onion,
- a green pepper,
- small piece of garlic fried in a tablespoon of butter.

Cut up a young chicken, add pepper and salt, a tablespoon of curry, fry 10 minutes. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of flour over chicken’, add cup of water, boil slowly for one half hour. Place the curried chicken in center and rice around edge of dish.

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Tie the skin tightly to the neck of the duck, then put inside 1 level tablespoon salt and 1 teacup of water.

Sew up as tightly as possible, put in a dry pan and bake in a hot oven from 20 to 30 minutes, according to size of duck. As the ducks brown, turn them; when done serve immediately.

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DUCKS (WILD)—Mrs. L. A. Lancel.

Have oven very hot; put in ducks with small amount of water in the pan. Cook 17 minutes. Split the meat away from the breast bone, and squeeze on it 1/2 lemon covered thickly with paprika. Serve piping hot.

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STEWED SQUABS—Mrs. W. F. C. Hasson.

Make a stuffing of:
- the livers and hearts chopped fine with a little butter,
- chopped pork,
- the yolk of an egg,
- salt,
- cayenne, and
- a little lemon.

Stuff with this 6 squabs, put them in a stewpan, cover with stock, and stew gently 1 hour.

Take out the birds and add:
- salt,
- cayenne,
- 3 tablespoons mushroom catsup,
- 1 tablespoon Worcestershire,
- 1 tablespoon lime juice,
- 1 large glass of port or sherry, and
- 2 ozs. butter braided with 2 tablespoons browned flour.

Put back the birds for 10 minutes. Fry some thick slices of bread, stand a bird on each, and pour the sauce over all.
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

QUAIL PATE—Mrs. L. A. Lancel.

- 6 quail or same amount of chicken,
- 2 lbs. veal,
- 1 lb. fresh pork.

Put into a bean pot a layer of quail, pork and veal alternately; season each layer with pepper, salt, a little garlic, and a few bay leaves; keep on until all the meat is used.

Add 1/2 pint of good stock; some use white wine. Cover tightly so that no steam can escape; mix a paste of flour and water to put around the cover so that the pot will be air-tight.

Bake 2 1/2 hours in a moderate oven. The meat can also be chopped fine, and baked in the same way. The bones of the veal should be placed on top of the meat when ready to be covered for the oven.

W. T. Butterworth. Manufacture and Dealer in Fine Harness and Saddlery. 714 Fourth Street, Near B, San Rafael, Cal. Telephone Red 66.
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