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article number 51
article date 09-12-2011
copyright 2011 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Donna’s “Only Have 20 Minutes Before the Party” Bean Dip
by Donna Kalk

The portions shown fill a big pot to bring to a party. The portions may be cut down if you are making it for your family or friends. Then again you may package portions for a bunch of friends. It will not stay in their refrigerator for long. It’s yummy and good for you too.

Three pounds of burger in a pan for browning.
Two 31 ounce cans of refried beans.
Three 24 ounce bottles of Salsa. Use mild or hot. It’s up to you.
Sixteen ounces of Cheese.
Beans in a big pot.
Add Salsa.
You do have to share time between browning meat and warming the salsa/bean mix.
Stirring salsa/bean mix.
Add cheese to warmed up salsa/bean mix.
Stir cheese into mix.
Everything is cooking. Donna does not have 4 hands. Hubby cheerfully helps.
Rather than cumbersome draining of fat from burger, Donna tilts pan and uses spoon with drain holes to place burger into a crock pot which she will bring to party.
Warmed up bean/salsa/cheese mix to crock pot.
Mix everything.
Some of the bean dip will go to a friend instead of to the party. The friend was grateful.
Some people may like it with hot sauce. Yummy no matter how it’s served.

Thanks for the recipe, Donna.

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