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article number 28
article date 07-13-2011
copyright 2011 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Crude but Good Ham, Cheese & Potatoes
author not stated

This doesn’t look good but I can eat it once per week. Takes 12 minutes. How ‘bout calling it Ham ‘n Cheese Pizza on Potato Bed.

Microwave the potatoes to cook them. Portions of the ‘on sale’ ham were frozen and bagged. The ham was thawed in the microwave. Doesn’t have to be warm, just unfrozen.
Sliced potatoes.
Add Cheese.
Add Ham.
More Cheese.
For seasoning I used 50 cent a bottle Italian Seasoning. Many of you will come up with something better.
Heated up until the cheese melts.
Half gone.
Gone... bbbbrrrrpp.
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