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article number 169
article date 09-27-2012
copyright 2012 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Party Gumbo … It’s Not Just the Sausage, Chicken or Spices …
by Jeff Burgin and Troy Mitchell

Rained out of the Labor Day Weekend Drag Races at Indy … the Wives tell the guys to make gumbo on Sunday. We find plenty of smoked meats in the freezer. They by the green peppers, fresh onions and celery plus chicken (soup) stock.

It also appears that they have invited every friend and relative. Good thing … they bring the beer.

We’re going to make 2 pots of Gumbo. One will have shrimp because Jeff likes shrimp.

Heat up a cup of vegetable oil over medium heat.
Here are the veggie goodies. The 3 veggies are referred to as the ‘Trinity”. Also a cup of flour goes in each pot when the oil gets hot. These veggies are for 2 pots of gumbo.
When the oil is hot, stir in a cup of flour. This is called the “roux”.
We’ll keep stirring over medium heat for 25 minutes … I reality it took 40 minutes to brown. You have to constantly stir or the roux will burn on the bottom of the pot.
Wives Chop green peppers.
Wives Chop celery.
Wives Chop onions because …
… you have to keep stirring the roux. Been 40 minutes … supposed to have been 25 … but it’s now turning brown.
The other pot is a lighter color. Will use this roux for the gumbo which gets the shrimp.

Time to add the ‘Trinity’.

Add onions.
Add celery … Green pepper too.
Add pepper.
Add salt.
Add Cayenne Pepper. Thinks fast: How may ‘n’s are in Cayenne? Thinks fast: How many ‘p’s are in pepper?
Stir veggies until tender … 5 to 10 minutes at most. At this point you don’t have to stir as much but it helps to have the cleaner kids chip in.
Broth. If you’re cool you’d make your own stock be we didn’t have enough warning. Four 14 ½ oz cans per pot. You may want to hold out one can for later in case you need to thin the Gumbo.
After the chicken stock is added, Five small bay leaves are added per pot. Yeah … 3 large leaves, 4 medium leaves.
Now turn up the heat as shown.
Smoked meats found in the freezer. A couple of smoked turkey legs available at just about any store … Andouille sausage and in the far bag is smoked chicken from a smoking attempt last summer. You can use any smoked meats that walked into your kitchen. “Road-kill Gumbo” is also popular in these parts.
Turkey legs go in early. Once they’re in for an hour we’ll take ‘em out and shred the meat … but like grandma always said “Cook which the whole bird Junior. Suck your money’s worth out of the damn bird.”
Andouille sausage is sliced and halved.
In goes the sausage.
Frozen shrimp begins to thaw. It will go in the lighter colored roux mix along with all the sausage and smoked chicken … but it won’t go in until the last minute.
More Cayenne? The cooking takes the hot out of hot spices. It will still be noticeable though.
Smoked turkey leg comes out for shredding.
More broth added to suit the thickness that you are looking for.
Re-add the turkey … now happily shredded.
Smoked chicken with your favorite flavor added.
In goes the chicken.
Two Gumbos. It’s been more than three hours but it is party time and once the roux is done, you only have to stir every 15 minutes.
5 minutes to go. Shrimp is added to lighter colored gumbo.
Ladies make a tone of rice.
Chopped green onion and breads adorn Gumbo.
The line runs outside.
“Serving Suggestion.”
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