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article number 130
article date 05-22-2012
copyright 2012 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Fish Hater’s Fish Tacos … You Won’t Know its Fish
by Jebediah Moment

I eat the fish I catch. I also eat the fish friends catch. That doesn’t mean that I like fish … just surviving! (Of course us guys add “Surviving like a man … a manly man”.

Fried fish is always good but I’m old and dusty … only do the fried thing once per week.

So if I don’t think I’ll like the taste, I convert the fish … in this case with Indian curry spices. It doesn’t taste like fish anymore … it could be pork or chicken. Curry can make anything which walks into the kitchen edible … even a crazy squirrel.

If you like fish, use spices which enhance the fish instead.

Here is a dumb catfish, fresh from the stream. Most of you don’t like catfish, neither do I … well, this catfish will end up tasting great.
All ingredients: Dumb fish, turmeric, curry powder, cheap soy sauce, tortillas, lettuce, tomato, and cilantro. If there is a fishy taste (which there won’t be) the cilantro masks it. The cilantro really adds flavor too. These fish tacos really do taste great. You’ll want more.
Cube the dumb fish into fairly large chunks. Dumb fish shrink when over cooking.
Just a little butter or butter substitute and soy sauce. Also shown are a teaspoon of curry and turmeric. We will add a little more spice as the fish cooks.
Only about 4 minutes in on a medium flame. Flip the fish often. Here I added a bit more soy sauce, curry and turmeric.
A couple more minutes of cooking … over cooked but fish color is gone. That brilliant catfish gave me 3 tacos worth of meat. Try a chunk and say wow “This pork is good”.
Chop lettuce, tomato and cilantro.
Heat tortilla and add the goodies. Really great … but of course you can make it better.
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