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article number 118
article date 04-05-2012
copyright 2012 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Jeb’s Quickie Quesadilla Wrap … Can’t Stop Eatin’ ‘Em
by Jebediah Moment

I hate chicken but I have to eat it twice a week or more. It’s cheap! Some people are teaching me how to make chicken better through grilling, choice of herbs and spices and … as they do at $50 a dinner restaurants, they put a ‘succulent’ sauce on it.

But this easy wrap tastes great no matter where that chicken’s been. This chicken was done last winter in one of them George Forman grills. Spiced it up a bit with what the cheap spice container said was ‘Chicken and Seafood’ spice. You also stock plenty of other chicken in your freezer … from parties where you stuff your jacket full when the party is about over and nobody is looking. Yes, I took on Dustin Hoffman’s character, Ratso. Unlike Ratso, I wash my jacket when people’s noses tell me to.

The chicken and blanched green pepper sit in your freezer. Another ingredient, Cheddar cheese also stores well in the freezer … so you can stock up on it when it is on sale.

About the only thing you have to buy fresh are tortillas and red onion.

Out of the freezer, chicken and blanched green pepper.
All ingredients, chicken, green pepper, red onion, tortillas and cheddar cheese. Dressing is optional.
Slice the red onion this way.
All ingredients shown on wrap. The chicken is happy because it will taste good in this meal.
If your chicken is dry, a little Italian dressing, or other dressing of your choice will moisturize it. Don’t add much or you’ll get a soggy wrap. Kids love this meal but not if it’s soggy.
Now, the order of assembly is very important. First chicken, then cheese, then red onion, then green pepper. Maybe it’s not so important … you be the judge.
At this point, put it in the microwave until the cheese melts.
Serving Suggestion. PS: For my taste buds, the next wrap had a bit more red onion. Also the kids don’t get the beer … although Rufus, the old dog demands it. Animal lovers … It’s not my fault. Rufus came that way.
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