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article number 103
article date 02-14-2012
copyright 2012 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Josh’s Real Ham Salad with List of Optional Ingredients
by Josh Moment

After the article, Po-Boy Bologna Salad (which used hot dogs), then Judy’s Real Bologna Salad which featured real bologna, it may be appropriate to feature my Real Ham Salad. Well, sort of real. I used Sugardale ham which is a ham loaf.

Our ham salad uses just ham, green pepper, egg, relish and mayo. A web search shows many possible ingredients. Choose from the following list or think of new ingredients.

ground ham
fine diced ham
rough diced ham for ham/pasta salad

green pepper
sweet onion
red onion
green onion
pimento stuffed olives
dill pickle
sweet pickle relish
red bell pepper
chopped apple for ham/pasta salad

sandwich spread
Italian dressing for ham/pasta salad
ranch dressing
dijon mustard
regular mustard
lemon juice

Spices & Herbs

Give me a government grant and I’ll tell you how many occurrences of each ingredient occur on the first hundred pages of a “Ham Salad Recipe” Google search. Would be more useful than my current grants, researching “Quasi Divorce Rates in Ferret Populations” … although the family life of ferrets is quite interesting … and it’s only your tax dollars.

Anyway back to making Ham Salad.

Half a green pepper. They were on sale so I bought three and blanched the rest for use in other recipes.
Easy to chop fine even thought the imitation chef’s knife was dull. They don’t give me any sharp objects in the institution my kid put me in. They also took away my scissors … well … they replaced them with plastic scissors. Upsetting!
Two hard boiled eggs. Almost done correctly. I can never get it right.
Hey Hey! Getting good at chopping.
One pound of ham sliced thin. Makes chopping easier. Most recipes have you use a food processor for fine chopping. I have one, new in the box … from a previous wedding. Can’t remember which wedding. Anyway I don’t want to get the processor dirty. Looks hard to clean.
Slice it one way.
Slice it the other way. Took less than two minutes.
now we’ll show the last two ingredients, relish and mayo. Most people use sweet relish but dill matches my personality. The mayo … what! ‘Reduced Fat’. I’ll explain.

I asked Bob Grundee, a full redneck friend, (I’m only somewhat redneck), if I could use diet mayo. He whispered back that he uses light mayo … “But Please … don’t tell any of my friends.” I understand the embarrassment. Bob and I were going to a farm wedding when his pickup truck had to go to the shop. Luckily the crops were high so we parked my Geo Metro just a half mile away and walked to the wedding. Whew! Luckily nobody asked any questions.

Now, this is important. Notice the second spoon. It’s a table spoon. As you add relish taste the mix. Too much relish and it will be a bit too tangy.
Add mayo until it sticks together well.
Serving Suggestion. At least my kid snuck a beer into the institution. Oh … and that bread. Bob Grundee made it … but don’t tell his redneck friends that he bakes too.
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