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article number 100
article date 02-02-2012
copyright 2012 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Judy’s Real Bologna Salad
by Recipe by Judy Wells (story by her daughter Jackie)

After reading Stu’s bologna salad recipe I thought some of us peasants might have a couple extra bucks to splurge on not so po boy bologna salad...A.K.A. poor man’s ham salad. As a kid I always knew when my mom was going to make bologna salad as she would bring out the grinder and attach it to the counter to make sandwiches for some family gathering or another: Family reunions, card parties, really any occasion where large numbers of my family would be present. I always felt bad for her to go to all that work as I was sure she would be bringing a tray of sandwiches back home. But time after time people would wolf down these sandwiches. They absolutely loved them.....

Here is the grinder my mom used for many years to make the bologna salad. It was patented in the late 1800s.
After use it had to be washed and dried immediately so it would not rust.

I will tell you after this was thrown in the dishwater, the water looked disgusting…remember the scene in the movie “Casey’s Shadow” with Walter Matthau…the bathtub with all the dirty dishes and gunk floating on top….boy I did not want to stick my hands in that water, but when mom said do the dishes well you did the dishes.

Then in the 1980’s mom joined the 20th Century with this electric grinder.
Here are the few things you will need … 16 ounce package of bologna, sandwich spread, sweet pickle relish and a little sugar. You can also boil up an egg and throw in if you want.
First grind up the bologna.
Keep going until it’s all ground up.
Now get ready to add the other stuff.
Throw in a big spoonful (soup spoon) of pickle relish.
Sprinkle in some sugar to suit your taste...mom says maybe a tablespoon for some of you more precise chefs.
Now an even bigger spoonful of Sandwich spread…..this holds everything together so just use what works for you.
Now it’s all mixed and ready to eat.
A meal fit for a queen? Maybe not but hey we hope you enjoy this recipe.
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