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article number 43
article date 08-15-2011
copyright 2011 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
My Basset Hound, Cheyenne (We All Call Her Sissy)
by Jody Taylor

I already had puppy, a dachshund/sheltie mix named Bear, but I wanted a basset hound. I had memories of a neighborhood basset hound named Bogart growing up. He’d sleep on anyone’s doorstep but the town residents didn’t care. He ran the town. I love the cute face of basset hounds.

Cheyenne as a puppy.

I got Cheyenne in 2001 when I was 18 years old. I enrolled her in obedience training but did not have time to continue the training after graduation. Most everyone calls Cheyenne “Sissy”. When I’m mad at here I call her Sissy Ann.

Cheyenne graduates from obedience school.

Cheyenne is cool. She’s very laid back and is low maintenance. She doesn’t need constant attention although once in a while she’ll come up to you and give you a nudge. She isn’t perfect. Call her and she’ll look back at you as if to say “what!”. She get’s along well with other dogs but thinks she’s number one even though she is the smallest of my dogs. If the dogs hunt together, she will be the one to bring a bird or rabbit home.

Oh, I spoil her a bit. She sleeps next to the bed. She drinks lots of water and prefers it to be cold. She has stairs to get on the couch or bed. She is still playful. She loves tug-of-war. If I say “we’re going to grandma’s” she hops into the car. She loves car rides.

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