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article number 26
article date 07-07-2011
copyright 2011 by Author else SaltOfAmerica
Before it was the Sidney Saloon
by Forrest Stipps Narrating to Stu Moment

A few years ago I met Forrest Stipps at the Sidney Saloon. He told me that he used to have a farm shop at the same location. The Sidney Saloon menu notes that the Stipp brothers bought the place in 1971. Before that is was a Butcher Shop. Forrest recalls its history as first, a slaughter house, then the Sidney Fire Department, then their farm shop … and of course, now it is the Sidney Saloon.

Sidney Saloon 2011

He was able to come up with some pictures. This shop was not only a place for him to tinker and do odd jobs for people, it was also a social place. Its central location attracted farm friends and Sidney locals.

Stipps Farm Shop circa 1970’s

Forrest worked on small machinery and did a lot of welding and iron work. Also, he and some friends develop an ethanol still in the mid 70’s when the Arab Oil Embargo made the development of alternative fuels popular.

Forrest’s model of an ethanol still. The still that Forrest and his friends installed is a topic of another article in the ‘Create & Innovate’ topic.
Small Test Still made 196 proof alcohol. … Yes … in what is now the Sidney Saloon. How poetic.

There was a big back door to his shop which allowed storage and maintenance of farm equipment.

Sidney Saloon’s kitchen occupies this spot.

The social aspects of a small town shop highlight a lifestyle where friends and neighbors are as important as your vocation. A morning cup of coffee with a friend is warming during a cold winter.


Just as the Sidney Saloon acts as a gathering place for people, Forrest’s Farm Shop could be utilized for a party.

St. Patrick’s Day party at Stipp’s farm shop.

I want to thank Forrest for going out of way to find pictures and to take the time to give me the shop’s story. Be sure to read about the still in the ‘Create & Innovate’ topic of this site.

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