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Adventure & Discovery Plus Scenic & Interesting
How did we ever get by without air conditioning and cable TV. Were we outside more often? Perhaps we knew our neighbors better. So much time was spent by dad working on his car. Mom had to iron clothes. Not as much time for TV anyway … and by the time necessary maters were taken care of, how did we relax?
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Fort Morgan Beach Thanksgiving? Beautiful White Sands, Sea Shells, Birds and Ships
by Stu Moment
CONTAINS: The temperature is too nippy for swimming so concentrate your senses on the variety of scenery provided with the background of a beautiful white sands beach. Besides a full variety of shells, the big variety of birds from sandpipers to Blue Angels will amuse you. Ships en route to Mobile are also featured.


Texas’ Guadalupe Mountains Winter/Spring Hiking Part 2, Devil’s Hall Trail
by Stu Moment
CONTAINS: Ascent between two towering but different looking mountains both in style and color. As you climb, the colors are not only striking but change with the sunlight. Article includes a description of the Guadalupe's as an ancient reef . . . and sho' 'nuff, further up, the path follows a wash and some rocks contain evidence of sea life. We then begin a scenic decent back to the greenery of the West Texas Plains.


Texas’ Guadalupe Mountains Winter/Spring Hiking Part 1, Smith Spring Trail
by Stu Moment
CONTAINS: Nice, rugged mountain views for anyone including kids as you get moderate exercise climbing on a non-challenging path. You'll be surrounded by steep, rocky terrain on the hike up with winter/spring greenery . . . a nice variety of cactus. On the return down, the view of beautiful hills in the distance, across an ancient sea, will put a smile on any face.


Southern California Winter Hiking Part 2, Above the Clouds - Palomar Mountain, Doane Valley
by Stu Moment
CONTAINS: Just a couple of miles west of Palomar Observatory, we walk Doane Valley trails, at first heavily wooded next to a rustling creek, past a weir, then up to a meadow with a nice mountain view. Even the drive up to the park is picturesque and we show the drive which gets us above the clouds. Did you know? "Palomar" means "pigeon roost" in Spanish.


Southern California Winter Hiking Part 1, Beautiful City Hike? . . . San Diego’s Lake Miramar
by Stu Moment
CONTAINS: Nice views from a 5 mile path hidden in the sprawl, 15 miles north of Downtown San Diego. Lake Miramar is a reservoir hidden by a hill on the east side, giving a feeling of uncrowded peace. Pictures show palm trees and cactuses complimenting even more beautiful plant life but the "Dad with kids and dog fishing" picture should grab your heart.


Easy, Beautiful, Arizona Winter Hiking Part 3, Pinnacle Peak Park, Scottsdale, Arizona
by Stu Moment
CONTAINS: Urban Mountain Jewel. A slightly crowded recreational path with plenty of rise; easy but good exercise. The steep rise give nice views of the surroundings but the rock formations and plant-life will captivate you. Article ends with the parks' quick descriptions of the plant-life.


Easy, Beautiful, Arizona Winter Hiking Part 2, Lost Dutchman State Park
by Stu Moment
CONTAINS: Nice two to three hour hike up to the base of Superstition Mountain. Morning (shadows) photography gives you the feel you will absorb when you take the hike. Colorful rocks and green plant life and a backdrop of mountains to the north make for a pleasant view.


Easy, Beautiful, Arizona Winter Hiking Part 1, Saguaro National Park in the Sonoran Desert
by Stu Moment
CONTAINS: Large collection of great photos of scenic terrain and abundant vegetation in the Sonoran Desert. The rugged terrain provides a scenic backdrop to, what the author finds, is an astonishing variety of plant life. You’ll view much more than just a large variety of cactus.


Understanding and Enjoying Our Desert Southwest
by Dr. Dan Q. Posin, illustrated by David Burnside
CONTAINS: A wonderful presentation of how deserts formed and unique aspects of our Desert Southwest. You will understand why Dr. Posin’s science presentations were so special. Besides science, beauty and desert life-forms, a brief history of early Spanish exploration adds fun to the article.


Oklahoma Family Farm Vacation, 1965 … Can We Still Do This?
by JOHN SBARBARO III (age 10) as told to LLOYD PARTAIN
CONTAINS: MUST READING for everybody. The experience on an Oklahoma farm in the Wichita Mountains, as seen and absorbed through the eyes of a 10 year old, must be life changing. You must ask … Can we still do this?


The Sandia Peak Tram … a Worthy, Quick Side Trip from Interstate 25 near Albuquerque, New Mexico
by Stu Moment
CONTAINS: There is much excellent scenery to the northeast but don't forget the Albuquerque’s Sandia Peak Tram. Nice restaurant on top too.


Nice Day Trip … Rockville Indiana and a Shockingly Beautiful Turkey Run State Park
by Stu Moment
CONTAINS: A great day trip with sinful eating and redeeming exercise. Turkey Run State Park is a fantastic place to hike.


A Blue Ridge Parkway Tour Plus Nice Towns of Lexington and Charlottesville Virginia
by Averon Katch
CONTAINS: From Appalachian beauty to magnificent old buildings. Andy Griffith country, Washington and Lee University, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and much more.


Vikings Congregate at the Ephraim Wisconsin, Fyr Bal Festival to Evict the Winter Witch
by Stu Moment
CONTAINS: Not all witches are from Massachusetts.


Dairy Barn Tour. Wisconsin Route 73. Also Nice Towns of Cambridge, Deerfield and Marshall.
by Stu Moment


Preserving “The Way it Was”, B&O Railroad Outhouse Restoration
by Debbie Quick


My Grandparent’s Photo Album of Their 1946 Move to Rural, South Lincoln Vermont
by Dave Boyd
CONTAINS: Rustic Old Farm Photo's. Great Story of Fulfilling a Dream.


Old & Gimpy, a Last Trip to Rocky Mountain National Park?
by Stu Moment


Mansfield Indiana Covered Bridge Festival, Old Water Mill plus ‘Not a Flea Market’.
by Stu Moment


Scenic Western Indiana, US Route 36
by Stu Moment with Photos Contributed by Jackie Wells Jamison