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Sporting America Plus Our Parents & Kids in School and Sports
You have lots of pics of school plays and sporting events. Oh … those class pictures. Gonna’ enjoy your pics, then and now. The contrast in clothing and hair styles will be entertaining.
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We See College Football Emerge From World War II
by Lamont Buchanan
CONTAINS: Nice ending to Buchanan’s great book. I becomes understandable that Army and Navy teams dominated during the war. As the war ended the normal powerhouses across the nation again rose in the rankings. Nice action descriptions for the pictures.


We Enjoy College Football While War Looms, 1939-42
by Lamont Buchanan
CONTAINS: You will note a modern game forming with both, star quarterbacks and running backs; also famed head coaches hired away by colleges hungry for victory. Jackie Robinson plays for UCLA. Lots of great pictures.


Ruth, Grange, Cobb, [many more] and Vassar Girls? Sport in the 1920’s was Enjoyed by All Americans.
by Frederick Lewis Allen, assembled by Agnes Rogers
CONTAINS: Besides baseball and football, boxing, swimming, tennis, golf, track and those aerobic activities of Vassar girls got unprecedented publicity. Mostly pictures with socially relevant commentaries by Frederick Lewis Allen.


College Football Gives Us Memorable Names, the 1930s
by Lamont Buchanan
CONTAINS: Picture Book. Many schools were producing big names and great games on the way to the annual Rose Bowl. The stands were full of spectators. The Orange Bowl was added in 1935.


Before the NBA … George Mikan’s Talent Gives a Boost to Professional Basketball, 1946
by George Mikan as told to Bill Carlson
CONTAINS: A great basketball story. Mikan comes into basketball just as leagues begin to re-form into their modern structure. George Mikan is a great player and brings in the fans.


Football Becomes a Huge Part of our Roaring 20’s
by Lamont Buchanan
CONTAINS: Must academic reading for sports fans, must cultural reading for all others. Highlights the famous names in context of their activities. Easy picture book reading, even after a few beers.


Football Survives a Bad Reputation and Great Teams Grow Nationwide, 1910-1917
by Lamont Buchanan
CONTAINS: Descriptions and pictures of why the great players and coaches of the era made a big impact on the future of the game. Also referees and the 6 point touchdown are standardized.


Football May be a Hit … but Deadly Hits May Kill Football, 1906-1910.
by Lamont Buchanan
CONTAINS: Some universities threaten to dissolve their teams if deaths and de-habilitating injuries continue. President Teddy Roosevelt comments. Meanwhile more exciting play styles are invented and stars are born.


American Football Grows & Excites the Masses, 1896-1906
by Lamont Buchanan
CONTAINS: Football had finally become popular and the stands filled with fanatics. Newsprint spreads the frenzy. Close formations were about to give way to more open football and forward passing.


We Develop American Football, 1827-1899
by Lamont Buchanan
CONTAINS: A must read. A picture filled, entertaining account of American football’s development from the often forbidden violent game, to a sport which … maybe, will make it.


Dangerous! Les Staudacher Designs and Pilots His Water Speed Record Entre, 1961
by Jim Moynihan
CONTAINS: Human interest & technical interest story about seeking the water speed record. Must reading before you put a jet engine on your boat.


The Deadly Game of American Football is Overhauled, 1905 - 1927
by Bill Roper, Princeton Football Coach
CONTAINS: Too many players were being killed plus the game was a boring match of moving the pile. The game was modernized for safety and excitement.


What’s Wrong with Professional Football, 1927
by Bill Roper, Princeton Football Coach
CONTAINS: Professional football has a “Dubious Future”. With some exceptions like the Packers and Yellow-Jackets, is a “parasitical outgrowth of the college game, exploited by fight-promoters”.


The 1920’s Business of Sport, Baseball, College Football and Boxing.
by Preston William Slosson
CONTAINS: Our Roaring 1920’s lifestyle is enhanced by the commercialization of sports. The family radio allows the fever to spread.


The Age of Dueling with Pistols plus, the Vice President Shoots Hamilton
by James M. Triggs